About Me

Hello, my name is Dmitry and I'm a software engineer with more then 10 years fulltime professional experience. Worked on complex projects with hundreds of millions data objects and dozens of servers and a lot of people iveolved. I have deep knowledge of algorithms, data structures, and system architecture design.

I programmed with many different languages from C++ to Haskell and PHP to Javascript, but in the end my primary language is Python, I really love it. It allows super fast transformation from ideas to implementations. And I'm a linux adept of course.

I work with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean and other hosting providers with Fabric, Docker, Vagrant, Ansible and a lot of other cool tools.

My main area of interest are data mining and machine learning applications, high load and big web projects. I enjoy being part of international crossborder teams working remotely on a project basis.

You can hire me for your challengin and interesting project :) Just write to dima@simonchik.net