Machine learning and data science applications, web apps development, highload. Contact me if you need any of these:

  • Python 2.7, 3.4, R, Haskell
  • Machine Learning PCA, SVM, Neural networks, Logistic regression, K-mean, Recommendation Systems 
  • BigData: PageRank, Link analysis, LSH, Minhash, Data Streams Mining, Frequent Itemsets 
  • Django Framework, SciPy (Numpy, Pandas, etc), Celery
  • AWS: EC2, DynamoDB, Elastic MapReduce (Apache Hive, Apache Spark), RDS, Redshift
  • Google App Engine, BigQuery
  • Javascript, jQuery, Angular, Backbone
  • PostgreSQL, MySql, NoSQL (mongo, redis, etc)
  • CSS, Less, Sass, Bootstrap